Eyelash Extensions have been a secret of stylists and Hollywood glamour for years! Only now does the everyday woman have the opportunity to enjoy fabulously full and luxuriously long eyelashes everyday of the week without the need to apply mascara!

The expert Lash Technicians at Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar

are specialists in eyelash extensions and we have over 100 different lash types to choose from. Including different lengths, curls and thicknesses to ensure you achieves the perfect look for your individual eye shape and style you desire from our custom silk lashes or our 100% Authentic Siberian Mink Fure Eyelash Extensions.

The only place for eyelash Extensions is Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar!

Our Lash Technicians will sit down with you and discuss all the options availible to you and combine various lengths and thicknesses to complement your desired look.As each client is unique, each set of customised eyelash extensions we design are as individual as our clients.

Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar is proud to introduce 100% CRUELTY FREE MINK Eyelashes to our clients.

The lightest , hypo allergenic option that gives the most silky and natural look. These beautiful lashes are the ultimate in eyelash extensions. Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar uses only Royal Mink eyelashes. These eyelashes are hand selected , hand shaped and the only brand guaranteed to be cruelty free hand selected and hand shaped.

Eyelash Extensions have been a secret of stylists and movie stars for decades
– and you too can get the Hollywood look – in just minutes!

We have a range of beautiful eyelash extensions serving Sydney eyes, including mink eyelashes, which are sure to light-up your entire face.
Our mink eyelash extensions are second to none and many of customers swear by them. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then mink eyelashes will open these windows right up!

It’s not every day that you can walk out of your home feeling like you’re walking down the catwalk – this is the effect of Boudoir Lash Bar’s false eyelashes. Mink eyelash extensions will make you feel like you’re made up without even having to apply mascara! Have luxuriously long, natural looking eyelashes everyday of the week without the need for makeup. The expert lash technicians at Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar are specialists in eyelash extensions and have over 100 different eyelash extension types to choose from. We are eyelash suppliers of several different eyelash lengths, curls and thicknesses, which ensures you achieve the perfect look for your individual eye shape and style each and every time. Our custom silk eyelash extensions are also 100% Authentic Siberian Mink Fur Eyelashes.

Have a look at our FAQ section for more information or give us a call.


I adore them !

I have had eyelash extensions at a lot of different places, Boudoir Lash Bar is by far and away the best ! People do not even know they are extensions they ask me what mascara i use ! ( i don't tell them I don't wear mascara) they define my eye without looking over the top! I adore them and they make me feel beautiful even without my make up! LOve that I can book my refills online as well!

I love my new eyelashes.

I have deep-set eyes and they make them look bigger without having to put mascara on! I joke to my husband that now I can get anything I want as I just batt my eyelashes! The staff are great- gentle and professional.

Thank You SO SO SO much!

You get what you pay for! I had lashes put on somewhere thinking I could save a little and get a cheaper set i left there devestated as they were terrible! I called Boudoir to see if they could fix my lashes as there was so much clumpy glue and everytime i got my face wt my eye stung! I was really upset when I called the girls told me to come in and they would fix everything. They removed the horrid lashes without any damage to my natural lashes, they then put on the most amazing lashes that were PERFECT! I have been addidicted ever since!" thanks so much

Thank you Boudior for making me beautiful

I first came to you after buying a Cudo voucher in April 2011... Have been coming to you every 3wks ever since! I am totally addicted to my luscious lashes, and am impressed how just that little bit of silk can make all the difference. My natural asian hair sparseness had me searching for lash enhancements, and THIS has been the answer! It is a myth that that lash extensions lead to loss of lashes or damage to lashes... Well, not once have my Boudior Lashes EVER damaged my own lashes. People need to understand that hair has a natural growth cycle that does result in fall out. This is NOT a result of the lash extension. The lovely Kate ensured that my lashes looked perfect for my wedding day. Thank you Boudior. Xx

You girls are AMAZING !

I have never had extensions like these! I can't even feel them they look like I have mascara on i will never go anywhere else!

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