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Full Set premium Silk Eyelash extensions -  $190

Full Set Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions - $260

1/2 Set Premium Silk Eyelash Extensions -$135

1/2 Set Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions-$160

1/4 Set Premium Silk Eyelash Extensions- $75

1/4 Set Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions-  $105

Flare (corners) Premium Silk -$60 At Appointment

Flare Authentic Mink $88

15 Min Refill Combination Silk -$37

15 Min Refill Authentic MInk $57

30 Min Refill Combination Silk - $58
30 min Refill Authentic Mink -     $95

45 min Refill Combination Silk -  $90
45 min Refill Authentic Mink -     $140

60 Min Refill Combination Silk- $143

60 Min Refill Authentic Mink-    $170

Eyelash Tint - $25

Eye Brow Tint $25

Eye Brow Tidy $25

Eye Brow Thread $35

Additional minutes are charged in 15 minute intervals

Silk combination - $37
Authentic Mink - $65

While you have your eyelashes done why not have two treatments at once and add........

Full Youngblood Mineral Makeup and Luxe LAsh Strip Eyelash Application! $114

Gel Polish/Shellac Manicure $55

Gel Polish/Shellac Pedicure $85

Gel Polish/ Shellac Removal $10

Intensive Collegon eye treatment boost - $20



Note: Normally if you had your last refill or full set applied two weeks prior you would only require 30 minuites for your refill and three weeks would be 45 minuites requirement.

However this is a guide only and the time will vary from person to person, if you book a 30 minuite refill and your appointment requires more time to complete you will be charged at the appropriate time required for your refill to be completed .

Similarly if you book for a 45 minuite refill and your appointment requires only 30 mins to be completed you will only be charged for the 30 minutes that your appointment required.

We like to keep our appointments on time so please try and book the most appropriate time for your refill.

Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar does not guarantee that a requested technician will be able to perform your treatment at your requested time, bookings made are with Boudoir Lash & Beauty Bar and not a particular technician.

At the time of booking current credit card details are required to confirm the  or pre-payment in full required

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy and should a no show occur your will be charged for your appointment.

Should you arrive late to your appointment the technician will work until your allocated time has finished.Please not you will be charged for the appointment that was booked .

*  Pre Paid appointments are required to be fully paid no later than 1 week prior and all other terms and conditions apply